The competition in the rail industry has led to companies having to reduce their costs for all their activities. This often results in the need to outsource certain tasks in order to comply with the reduced costs.

PMCingenieros’ dynamism and specialization means that we are best placed to fulfill our clients’ needs.


We can work independently or in conjunction with your team working on tenders and offer the following solutions:

  • Economic analysis for rail safety facilities, communications, civil engineering, overhead lines and traction substation projects.
  • Complete on-site layout and analysis.
  • Report on implementation factors for international bids.
  • Technical documentation:
    • Photographic report
    • Technical specifications
    • Work schedules, Gantt charts, space/time reports, network analysis

Sales departments are increasingly required to rely on occasional external support in order to launch new business development strategies. Once we have looked carefully at your needs, we will send you a proposal for how we can work together.


PMCingenieros offers the following services to the project lead:

– Planning and on-site layout:

      • Coordination of project aims.
      • Identification of project milestones.
      • Definition of key performance indicators.
      • Coordination of work teams.
      • Updating of work program.
      • Follow-up reports.
      • Other services as required by the client.


– Quality:

      • Development of a quality plan.
      • On-site follow-up of quality plan.
      • Internal quality reports.
      • Final client documentation.


– Production:

      • Site management.
      • Project management.
      • Resource requirements reports.
      • Daily reports on economic monitoring indices.
      • Work orders.
      • Management of work teams.


– Technical Office:

      • Plans
      • “As built” documentation
      • Implementation of projects and legalization of facilities.
  • RAMS security plans.
  • Definition of THR safety objectives.
  • Threat analysis and identification of requirements.
  • Reliability and availability analysis – RAM.
  • Verification and validation processes
  • Threat management. Hazard Log.
  • Development of safety cases
  • Development of maintenance plans.
  • Status analysis and preventive/predictive maintenance study.
  • Training of end-clients’ work teams.
  • Investigation and development of ad hoc training plans.
  • Writing of manuals.
  • Operations and maintenance courses.
  • The team at PMCingenieros is committed to improving the service offered to its clients through the constant investigation and development of new management methods.